Customers are informed if they, or a member of their household, has, or have, any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, they are not to enter the swimming facility or attend swimming lessons.

Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms such as:

  1. A new continuous cough
  2. A high temperature
  3. A loss of, or change to sense of smell or taste, are advised to stay at home and self-isolate in line with government guidelines. 


Any additional medical conditions please inform sinkorswim.


*There will be extra signage to indicate entry/exit to pool including some revisions and possible one-way systems.

*Social distancing must be observed on poolside and observation areas, and throughout change-over of lessons.

*Hands must be sanitised/washed with soap and water before entering the swimming pool area.

*Swimmers must arrive ‘activity ready’, such as in their swimwear.

*Parents/guardians must keep hold of their child’s bag and avoid using lockers. 

*Particular attention is paid to trying to avoid children needing the toilet so please make sure they go before setting off.

*Swimming hats must be worn and can be purchased on site but please advise 24 hours before to allow for a contactless transaction.

*Swimmers are requested to take a pre-shower (with soap) before entering the pool.

*Lessons start/finish times will be staggered to relieve the changing areas of congestions as numbers are limited.

*It is advisable to shower at home after lessons in this current situation.

*Goggles and hats must be put on before entering the pool by parent/guardian or the swimmer.

*It is advisable to bring your own equipment  (Although we will still be supplying ours).

*Only one parent/guardian (including limit on accompanying siblings where possible) may sit on poolside and be social distant from other spectators. 

(Teachers will enforce the social distancing rules)

*Face coverings to be worn in the spectator areas.

*Children from the lessons are NOT permitted to leave poolside unaccompanied.

*No food or drink is to be consumed on site.

*Temperature may be taken before entry to pool and lessons reduced to 25 minutes (instead of price increase for 30 minutes) to change equipment, cleaning/sanitisation of pool area and enable class change over and limit time in changing rooms.

*NHS Q card must be scanned on entry to the pool. Failure to do this means you will be not allowed enter.

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